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We know that it can be very costly to reach new and existing clients through traditional advertising methods.  We believe that your future clients should have access to information concerning ALL available practitioners when seeking services, not just those with advertising budgets.  On the other hand, this website cannot survive on good intentions alone. In addition to the free services available to any one, we are counting on many of you to support this site by electing to take advantage of the many fee based services available as well.  Below are the free services we hope EVERYONE OF YOU will take advantage of. For fee services can be found on the additional services page following this one on the tour. If you do take advantage any of our  free services we ask you consider  making a donation to keep this site pop-up free by clicking on the "make a donation" button below and be sure to add a link to us from your website.

We have been experiencing massive abuse on all of our free services so they have been temporarily suspended pending revamping of this website. Please check back in November for our new look! Thank you for visiting us.

Free Calendar of Event Listings

We have replaced our old static chronological events format with a new automated system that will allow you to submit your own events to the calendar system at your convenience.  Rather than send out tons of mailers and emails, refer your students here for all your activities.  What a savings on postage and time-plus reach a wider audience all at the same time! Events will be reviewed by our staff prior to being  posted to the calendar.  (If you wish your listings to be "live" right away see our additional services page for more information.)

To view the calendar:

To submit an event:
You must first login when going to the following link. Simply enter the word "guest" (without quotes) as both your username and password. On the next page click on the link for "add event" on the left margin to bring up the form to submit your event.  Try it here login to submit event now. Please try to remember to logout when you are done (in the upper right hand corner of the two event submission pages.)

Free Searchable Links

Here you may submit your existing website (we can make one for you if you don't ) to our searchable links database. This allows clients, new and old, to find you easily by searching on any information you include in the listing.  All fields are required to be completed.  Your description is limited to 30 words or less. We do review every submission before it gets posted so no cheating. Any more than 30 words will be deleted unless you choose the enhanced "Enhanced Searchable Free Links" service available on the next page.  Due to an overwhelming number of non-local submissions, we have added a separate "Not-NY links" section. Be sure to submit yours to the proper links script. Any "off-topic" links WILL NOT be posted.

Be sure to remember to ADD OUR LINK to your site too.  Link popularity is very important for good search engine placement and we'd like to appear on your site too. If you do not add our link voluntarily, in the future this may become a requirement for yours to be included.

Join Our Free WebRing

We are all one - lets connect and network today! If you already have a webpage, this is a great way to bring new visitors to your site by being part of our WebRing community. This WebRing is open ONLY to Long Island and NY metro area practitioners and providers.  You must be willing and able to place the WebRing graphic and code on the webpage you submit to us. We will not add your site to "active" status until the both the code and graphic are in place. If the code and graphic are not in place at your site (or you remove it), the ring will "dead-end" at your site and frustrate many fine people. Join the Ring

Free Mini Profile Webpage

Even if you already have a webpage, and especially if you don't, here is another great way to get the word out about your work.  Create your own mini-webpage profile right here for free!.   This VERY EASY to use method (my 7 year old son did one of the samples) will have your information on-line in a matter of minutes!  TIP: Type up what you want to include (up to 100 words/480 characters max. anything more will be deleted) in your favorite word processing program first, then cut and paste your text into the text box. Very simple - trust me. 

If you want to say more, we can design, manage and host a website for you from one to one hundred pages!  For more information go to  "Webpage Design and Hosting" on the additional services page

Free Directory Listing

Already 150 Long Island practitioners are part of our On-line directory, The Resource Guide for Enhanced Living. You can get a listing in it too.  The process is not automated and your listing will be added alphabetically based upon the first letter of the first word as submitted to us.  Only 30 characters/spaces are permitted plus your phone number with this free option.  If you need to include more information (and frankly, you should) other options are available below.

  • To view the current directory ( Resource Guide for Enhanced Living) follow this link to the current directory.
  • To submit your free listing information go to the submit free directory listing form.
  • To enhance your listing to include more information to attract future clients, go to the additional services page, the next stop if you are on a tour. We recommend you invest in one of the enhanced option.
  • To make corrections to an existing free or paid directory listing, please send an email. You MUST cut and paste the original listing AND a corrected version in an email to us so we can correct your free directory listing.

Free Classified Listings

For a limited time only, we will be offering free classified listings to any and all practitioners. We ask that you abide by the following guidelines when submitting your classifieds:

  • Proper category: place your classified under the appropriate heading.
  • No workshops or class dates: specific information about class subjects and dates belong on the free event calendar. Don't try to cram lots of information into a single classified - people won't both to read it and they certainly won't remember it. 
  • Include contact information: be sure you let people know how to contact you!
  • Go here to: submit your classified listings

Free Marketing Tips Newsletter

Don't miss this chance to get a leg up on your business. Every month the marketing consultants at Third Millennium Resources, Inc. will send you a tip or two in how you can market yourself or your business more effectively.  You can benefit from this professional advice at absolutely no cost. Sign up today for our Marketing Tips Newsletter.

Free Moderate a Discussion Forum

Our brand new community discussion forums (bulletin boards) will help bring even more invaluable information to all seekers of knowledge of the metaphysical, holistic and spiritual realms.  You can become a valuable resource to the community at large while being front and center with your name as a subject matter specialist in your field right here on Long Island!  Become a partner with us in raising the conciousness of our neighbors and thereby the planet.

  • To go to the community discussion forum page and check out the categories.  We can add more if your field is not included.
  • To submit your name for consideration as moderator for a discussion forum send us an I'd consider being a forum moderator email today outlining your background. (Nothing fancy required, just what training/experience do you have.)

Free Submit a Press Release
or a newspaper or news article

Here's just yet another way to let people know about the work you are doing, and more importantly, what it can do for them. Tell us what you are doing,such as;  grand openings, anniversaries, promotions, new employees joining, awards or recognitions you receive, special events, renowned guest appearances, anniversary celebrations, parties, gala events and the like.  Send us a letter or emailed "press release" (you should also be sending them to local newspapers as well) containing a description of your happening written in a third party  "newsy" style.  Newsy style does not mean send us your list of events, or an announcement for a class you're doing - it's more like an article or advertorial. This allows us (and print publications) to put your info on he site as a local news article without having to rewrite it (which we don't have the time to do anyway.)

To go to the "Front Page News" page where your press release or any news articles you submit will be published, click here Front Page News page.

To send your press release (or news article)

Third Millennium Resources, Inc.
PO Box 411
Greenlawn, New York 11740

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