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A new genre of movies seeks to inspire us to be our best possible selves and explain the many mysteries of live.

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Four experts in topics related to the beliefs and practices of ancient mystics share their knowledge & insights.

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"Dead Water Vital Water"
by Margaret Mc Enaney
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"Eyes of Learning 20th Anniversary"
by Lee Keil
Respected Long Island Metaphysical Non-Profit Celebrates 20 Years of Service.

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by Catherine Conway
Poor posture may be more than you think. Find out what this mom learned.

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"I See Beyond Their Eyes"
How a near death experience brought Elaine Resnik to her spiritual path

current feature article

Spiritual Film Festival-At-Sea Maiden Voyage
Independent Films "Illusion" and "Reflection" Take Top Awards
By Lee Keil

I'm sure West Virginia is a very nice place but with apologies to John Denver, my idea of almost heaven is a warm tropical locale, on a powdery white sand beach with palm trees and piña coladas. Throw in some really good movie entertainment, good food and good company and I truly am in heaven. Having said that, I am delighted to report that I have just returned from a trip that I could only describe as my own version of heaven on earth. I have just had the good fortune to be on the Holland America cruise ship Zuiderdam on a recent cruise of the Eastern Caribbean.

Not just any cruise was this but rather the very first cruise of it's kind. Organized by the wonderful staff of the Spiritual Cinema Circle, the Spiritual Cinema Festival-At-Sea was an extraordinary experience for the 300 or so attendees and filmmakers participating in this first ever event. The Spiritual Cinema Circle, seeks to provide an outlet for sharing the uplifting and life affirming messages being produced by many film makers that are not recognized or supported by the impersonal Hollywood movie "business" of today. The Spiritual Cinema Circle offers high quality short and feature length films on a monthly basis to subscribers via DVDs distributed through the mail. Little over one year old, the Spiritual Cinema Circle currently counts more than 19,000 subscribers in 70 countries and is growing at a phenomenal rate. A true testimony to the huge marketplace for this form of entertainment.

Continue reading this article here

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