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We are counting on many of you seeing added value in the "for fee" services that we offer on this page.  Please take the time to review the options below and see what services might suit your requirements best. With your support, we can keep these pages online and pop-up free. Feel free to make a donation if none of our for fee services are appropriate at this time.

Enhanced  Searchable Free Links Capability

As you know from the free services page inclusion in our free links system is at no charge up to 30 words.  If you wish to include additional text (31-60 words) there is a one-time charge of $35.

If you wish, you can have your logo (100x100 max.) or a graphic rendering of your name (150x30 max.) displayed above your free link listing. This service is available for a one-time charge of $25.

We can create a graphic for you if you wish. Please contact us for more information.

Webpage Design  & Hosting

Haven't had a website before? If you are disappointed that a free links listing is limited to 60 words, or that the free mini profile webpage caps out at 100 words, we have these limits because if you have THAT MUCH to say, you really need to have a real webpage.

For less than $250 you can take advantage of a special rate* on our Standard Webpage Design and Hosting Package allowing up to 400 words and more.  Here is where you can fine more information about other packages:

Webpage Management & Hosting

Already have a site but need a change? If you are unhappy with your current  webmaster or hosting company or you're ready to move up from that "home grown" website your best friend, spouse or offspring made for you, you've come to the right place.

  • Moving Your Existing Site - Website moving, hosting and management by our staff. Go to here if you want us to move, host or manage your website for you or contact us directly.
  • Revamp Your Existing Site - Want a fresh new look? a little more professional? We can tweak your design, spiff it up with some new graphics, add a few dynamic effects.  Contact us with your questions and ideas.
  • Create a New Site - Ready to move up to your own domain name?  Tired of all those ads the free website hosting companies put up on your pages?  We can have you up and running in time. See above choices for new design and hosting options or contact us with your questions and ideas.

Enhanced Directory Listing

Many of you will find that the  the free directory listing we offer is not adequate for your needs and if you don't have a webpage, you can't take advantage of the searchable free link service.  For this reason we offer two different flavors of listings in our "Resource Guide for Enhanced Living" ( LI/Metro Area Directory). This format has an advantage over the free link service since it is easier for a potential client to "browse" the entire directory casually.  It can also be printed out for their future reference (neither of which can be done easily. with the searchable system).  The available options include:

  • The Basic Directory Listing - Includes three  lines of text.  This is available for $70 a year.  Order here.
  • The Expanded Directory Listing - Listing includes above plus an additional 50 words of text/numbers/abbreviations (includes free hyperlinked URL and email address). All for $90 a year.  Order here.
  • Put a box around your listing - and  make your listing really stand out for only $15 more per year.  Order here.
  • Internet value package - Get the Expanded Directory Listing (value $90) Plus a box around the listing (value $15) and you can have your logo or picture 150x150 max. value $15)  included for $110 for a whole year! Order here.

Business Card Advertising

This service is not available at this time.

Banner Advertising

You see them all the time, all over the internet. You can have your business or service featured on one too.  Typically they are linked to your website, even the free one you make here! If you don't already have a banner for us to download and feature for you, we can create one for you.  Call or email us with your questions. the two types of banner ads available are.

  • Full Banner - Size - 468x60: files should be 10k or less in the .gif or .jpg format.  $40 per month
  • Half Banner - 234x60 - Half banner files should be 5k or under in the .gif or .jpg format. at $25 per month

Optional Calendar of Event Feature

Some of you have told us you are uncomfortable with using a computer and don't want to use our free event calendar script. Some others have said you don't have the time to enter each event. If you would like US to enter your event listings for you, we will do that but for a fee of $5 per event listing. (only one charge applies for recurring events up to 6 months) please send us your events via email. Once we receive your payment we will post your events for you.

Brochures, Flyers, Logos, Business Cards & Marketing Consulting

While the internet is a great medium, some of the more "old fashioned" ways of telling people what you can do haven't gone out of style.  Everyone should have business cards, brochures and flyers on hand, or in your car at all times.  Haven't got any? or need something new? we can help.  Check out our parent company, Third Millennium Resources,Inc. and see how else we can help your business grow!

Enhanced Calendar of Event Capabilities

When you login to our automated event calendar as a "guest" you only have the ability to submit an event listing.  When you take advantage of this service, you will get a unique login name and password entitling you to additional features which include:

  • Automatic Upload - Your event listings will be posted to the calendar immediately, bypassing the time delay associated with our approval step.
  • Change Event Information - You will have the ability to add to, change and delete your event listings after they have been posted to the calendar.
  • Bulk Uploading of Multiple Events - If you have your calendar information in a spreadsheet or database application, it most likely can be uploaded quickly and easily using this method.

If you are interested in these enhanced capabilities for only $50 for one year, please send us an email.

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