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"Long Island's First Conference On Ancient Mysticism Held "
Conference featuring Dolores Cannon, Christine Keller, Master J. Teasley and Montgomery Taylor.

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"Medical Privacy Rights Lawsuit"
Citizens for Health and more than a dozen other groups and scores of individuals have sued the government challenging privacy rules

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"Eyes of Learning 20th Anniversary"
by Lee Keil
Respected Long Island Metaphysical Non-Profit Celebrates 20 Years of Service.

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"Dead Water Vital Water"
by Margaret Mc Enaney
Our Water is dead. Learn about natures vital lifeforce energy  now absent from  your food, water and  environment .

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"A Chiropractic Encounter"
by Catherine Conway
Poor posture may be more than you think. Find out what this mom learned.

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"I See Beyond Their Eyes"
How a near death experience brought Elaine Resnik to her spiritual path



Sacred Buddhist Relics on LI
At the Wang Center,SUNY Stoney Brook Oct/28-10/30
Updated October 28, 2004

Our Calendar is Offline Temporarily
We regret that due to a hacker problem, we must take our interactive calendar offline for a few days until we can reinstall some security fixes.
Updated October 26, 2004

Many Religions, One Purpose
More than 8,000 people of various faiths share meals and other simple acts to improve the world-Newsday

Updated August 21, 2004

Different Roads, Common Path
Taize, and ecumenical form of worship, helps people from all walks of life find a way to inner peace. Newsday

Updated August 21, 2004

No Wrong Way to Walk a Labyrinth.
Updated July 27, 2004

Religion and Spirituality Books Go Mainstream.
Updated August 21, 2004

A Peek at Some of the New Books
7 Spirituality/religious books reviewed.
Updated August 21, 2004


Flower Essence Certification Course
Being Held

Updated May 27, 2003

The Effects of Earth Rays
on you, your food and your pets.

Updated February 14, 2003

Vatican Announces Position
on various Aspects of the "New Age" movement.

Updated February 3, 2003

Alternative Medicine Series Cancelled
New PAX TV series Body&Soul cancelled after only 8 episodes.

Updated January 5, 2003


Women, Business and Spirituality
A first- ever conference for businesswomen, about spirituality in leadership roles.
Updated September 13, 2002

Spiritual Teachers Recognized
Circle of Grace 1 to present awards to three local practitioners.

Updated September 2, 2002

Eyes of Learning Appreciation day at Borders Farmindale.
Updated August 22, 2002

NY State Seeks to Regulate Alternative Modalities
Is what's good for the consumer also good for the the practitioner? You be the judge. Learn the pros and cons of these controversial bills.
Updated August 1, 2002

NY Institute Receives Accreditation
Programs in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Approved.
Updated July 24, 2002

Happy 19th Birthday Eyes of Learning!
This remarkable metaphysically oriented non-profit begins it's 20th year on Long Island.
Updated July 23, 2002

Feng Shui Experts Examine WTC Plans
Links to article appearing in Long Island Newsday
Updated July 19, 2002

Nutrition vs. Supplements & Tai Chi
Links to 2 articles in Suffolk Life
Updated July 17, 2002

NY Chiropractor Censured
or Pushing Family Care
Updated June 16, 2002

Save Local Native American Radio Program
WBAI to cancel Circle of Nations Show
Updated June 16, 2002

Straight from the Heart
Huntington Health Food store and restaurant closing for renovations.
Updated June 2002

Popular Vegetarian Restaurant Closes
Santosha, popular Amityville restaurant, ceases operation.
Updated June 2002

Happy 19th Birthday Eyes of Learning!

Feng Shui Experts Examine WTC Plans

Nutrition vs. Supplements & Tai Chi

NY Chiropractor Censured

Save Local Native American Radio Program

Straight from the Heart

Popular Vegetarian Restaurant Closes